North Pole Acknowledges Troop Deployment in SF

Soldiers of the 12th Nutcracker regiment and unspecified additional personnel in action. Photo by Steve Rhodes

The Office of the Santa has confirmed that a combined force including the elite 12th Nutcracker Regiment as well as unspecified special forces units were deployed on December 12th in San Francisco as part of this year’s Santacon. The deployment was code-named Operation Yule Storm.

The Santa has, as yet, not addressed persistent rumors by international observers and military experts that a secret special operations unit made up of Sugar Plum fairies was also present in San Francisco.

Photo documentation of Operation Yule Storm can be found on the Santa’s Little Secret Service photo pool. The Bureau of Special Christmas Operations has indicated further details will be forthcoming. The US State Department, citing a longstanding and informal agreement with the Santa, has declined to comment on the deployment of North Pole forces on United States territory.


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