Rumors of Elaborate Security Task Force at Santacon 2010

Santacon 2010
Photo cc Zachary Lara

SAN FRANCISCO–The Office of the Santa has not yet officially responded to reports that the North Pole deployed a large combined military and elfish security task force at Saturday’s San Francisco Santacon. However, officials in Santa’s Defense Forces have confirmed that Santa’s Sleigh One was deployed in the Central West Coast region during that time period, and that elements of the 12th Nutcracker Regiment, 103rd Sleighborne Division, and “additional kinetic cheer enforcement units” were also in attendance. The Bureau of Special Christmas Operations, which oversees Santa’s Elvish security and intelligence agencies has no comment at this time due to “holiday security concerns.”

The Public Information Office of Santa’s Little Secret Service is expected to provide a full report on the rumoured task force later this week. For more information contact Santa’s Little Secret Service: info AT


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