103rd Sleighborne

Lt. General Cramer

Lt. General Cramer commanding the Sleigh One contingent

Santa’s Fighting Reindeer
The 103rd Sleighborne is the only ground combat unit of Santa’s reindeer. Along with the Sugar Plum Service it is part of the Joint Christmas Certainty Command (J-CCC.) The unit has been in continuous operation since 1942.

The History of the 103rd Sleighborne

On Christmas eve in 1942, Santa’s Sleigh was shot down in Hamburg by German flak cannons. Surviving 12th Nutcracker troops established a defensive perimeter around Santa Claus, but as German forces encircled the crash site it became clear Santa was trapped.

Due to the ongoing Second World War, Santa’s security personnel were spread thin and no rescue unit was nearby. The only friendly force nearby was a small logistical regiment of sleigh reindeer, the 2nd Sleigh Regiment, under command of Deer Sergeant Rudolph “Red Nose” Pulaski. Despite the fact that the 2nd Sleigh was not a combat unit, Deer Sergeant Rudolph gathered all the candy cane rifles he could, commandeered a supply sleigh, and flew his reindeer straight into the heart of Hamburg.

The sleigh was also shot down, but the reindeer reinforcements allowed the 12th Nutcracker and Santa to escape the clutch of Nazi forces.  What became known in the North Pole as the “Christmas Miracle of 1942” was also the founding moment of the 103rd Sleighborne Regiment.

103rd Sleighborne

Today’s 103rd Sleighborne

Santa’s fighting reindeer serve as an air-mobile rapid response and sleigh escort unit during the yearly Christmas Operational Window. They are selected from the most promising reindeer pilots and airdeer within Reindeer Command (ReinCom.) The reindeer are trained alongside the elite 12th Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Service units. The 103rd Sleighborne very often deploys with these elite units, providing both highly mobile firepower and liaison deer for the 99th Sleigh Attack Squadron–Santa’s close air support sleighs.

The 103rd Sleighborne Regiment is commanded by Lt. General “Olive” Cramer, and falls under the Joint-Christmas Certainty Command.