12th Nut

12 Nutcracker securing Santa Safe Zone

The 12th Nutcracker Regiment can deploy anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. Photo by Greenkozi

The 12th Nutcracker Regiment is the personal guard of the Santa. It is the most elite unit under the Nutcracker Command (NutCom) of Santa’s Defense Forces.  The nutcrackers of the so-called “12th Nut” are carefully selected from the regular regiments within NutCom based upon their exemplary combat abilities and unquestioned loyalty to the Santa. The regiment includes approximately 750 nutcrackers including Nut Officers, Nut Soldiers, medical and logistics personnel.

12th Nutcracker Regiment Insignia

Santa's Own 12th Nutcracker Regiment

The History of the 12th Nut

The 12th Nutcracker Regiment traces its origins to the old Nutcracker Guard, the fiercely loyal personal guard of the Santa in service from 1640 to 1813.  In 1813 the North Pole was attacked by Cossacks during the Christmas Wars (1813-1815.)  Santa’s cottage was nearly burned to the ground before the Nutcracker Guard was able to defeat the Cossack cavalry.  It became obvious during the battle that while not lacking in esprit de corps, the nutcrackers were hopelessly ill-equipped to fight Europe’s most feared armies. After the uncomfortably close call, the Santa decreed the formation of a modernized professional guard regiment, to be designated Santa’s Own 12th Nutcracker Regiment. Modeled on Napoleon’s elite Grenadier battalions, the 12th Nutcracker quickly established a reputation of fearlessness and professionalism. The North Pole was never attacked again.

12th Support Team

Nut Captain EDW Pine Nut and Nut Sergeant with a CCSW candy cane weapon. Photo by Ed Hunsinger

Today’s 12th Nutcracker Regiment

The current incarnation of the 12th Nut is a far cry from the Napoleonic style regiment of the early 1800s. While the bearskin shakos are retained, the nutcrackers of the regiment are now equipped with the C3 modular candy cane weapon system and sophisticated telecommunications devices.  They are trained for combat in urban, jungle, winter, and desert locales. The 12th Nutcracker frequently deploys in combined expeditionary forces with its sister unit, the 103rd Sleighborne Air Assault Regiment. The 12th Nutcracker is divided into four companies: Alpha company is the ceremonial guard and protects the Santa’s residence and is present at all official occasions. Bravo and Charlie Companies are highly mobile assault units capable of deploying anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. Delta company is a strengthened urban assault unit deployed when a high degree of firepower is required, such as during an emergency sleighvac of the Santa from a combat zone.

The Mission of the 12th Nut

  • Protect the Santa and his residence
  • Provide a ceremonial guard to the Santa for official occasions
  • Escort the Santa throughout the world during the Christmas Operational Window
  • Provide a first response capability should the Santa require sleighvac in a combat zone

Famous Operations of the 12th Nut

1820 The Lapland Incursion, Finland

1864 The Christmas Conundrum, Richmond, Virgina

1897 The China Rebellion, Hong Kong

1915 The Christmas Crisis, Verdun, France

1926-27 The Elvish Troubles, North Pole

1942 The Christmas Raid, Hamburg, Germany (marks the founding of sister unit, the 103rd Sleighborne Regiment)

1956 Operation White Christmas, Budapest

1966 Operation Rum Raisin, Addis Ababa

1974 The Kremlin Incident, Moscow

1981 Operation Mistletoe, Beirut

1989 Operation Christmas Goose, Prague

1994 Operation Rogue Stocking, Mogadishu

2009 Operation Yule Storm, San Francisco

2010 Operation Chimney Sweep, San Francisco